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Hi Diana,

I just expressed my experiences till now, As i'm very new to this corporate world after just completing my education so bit going on heavy on gals reservation and all other stupid reservations given in our country.

And coming to the nature of woman I have seen around me are all also the same age group and not very higher in the position as you all are there now.
They were doing very cheap tricks to get there rewards and hikes done easily, The problems which you said sounds very practical in the higher end of designations,, you might have worked very hard to reach till there and being stopped there only because of opposite sex. I studied about glass ceiling during my MBA but did not feel like reality as we see so many woman growing up to the top positions in many companies. So from here I have learned that there are many more woman who are pushed down compared to those who have given the top positions in any company.

But I feel INDIA will develop only after the reservations are completely removed based on gender, caste and religion. I feel it may be given to people who are in financial crisis but not to the people who have everything along with reservation.

Please do not think bad about my last posts, its just my opinion and my experiences which I faced in my past.
Hi All,

I have been watching this topic from few days which is getting great responses from great people.I thought of adding my idea to this.

If a gal wants equal salary and equal work which boys are getting, then why are we still going back with this 33% reservation. Ask all the gals not to take that reservation and get a seat in some colleges with there merit but not with that dragging 33%.

I have suffered very much with this 33% all my education where the lecturers also treat gals as angels and give very less assignments with very good internal marks.

After completing all my education by giving that 33% reservation to gals, OFFICE.
As you all know what goes in our corporate world. All gals who worked along with us will get the salary hike's, appreciation by doing nothing other than gossiping because they are always behind the manager whom they are reporting. They keep him in there grip,he will act accordingly. They often accompany him to party's, movies and outings. We boys cannot do as they do but only work hard to get his recognition on us, I can loudly say that gals are multi-tasker, they have the abilities to manage so many things.
I am sure all know this but no one has revealed it.
Hi Priya,

Good work and nice questions....But I think its more of US kind of questionnaire and I feel most of the questions cannot be asked in Indian interviews.....
Tulsi and Claudia,,,,,Thanks for your Inputs,,,It helped me alot.....
Hey Madhuri,,,,,Thank you very much
Replied to "Attitude !" in Motivation!!
Good one Ashwini,,,,Keep posting :-)
Wow,,,,,Thanks for your response,,,This is very helpful for me giving the presentation,,,,,,Keep on giving some thing which you feel will be good to tell in a presentation,,,,,plz help me in email ethic's also by giving some link or presentations...

Thanks Sanjay,Diana,Ashwini for your spontaneous help,,,i'm very happy seeing your replies....
If you have any hesitation in giving your details in public,,,, Please send a mail to me at---
Thank you everyone for all the encouragement given to me,,Sure I will also get along with you people in next debate or any discussion so that I will also put my views of doing things...

I want another help from you all, I am working in an S/W development company so may require help from you all in some or the other,,,may be in career or reference purpose,,,Please give me your email ID's, phone numbers if u dont mind....So that I can contact for any kind of help from the exp people like you...

Hope you all help me in my career growth....
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