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The performance and potential matrix (9 box grid) is one the best talent management tools I’ve ever used. Here’s a tutorial on how to use the tool:

What is it?

The matrix is used to evaluate an organization’s talent pool. Here’s the basic format:

The X axis (horizontal line) of 3 boxes assesses leadership performance and the Y axis of 3 boxes (vertical line) assesses leadership potential. A combination of Y and X axis makes up the box within the grid that the leader is placed. 1A - High Performance/High Potential, 3C - Low Performance/Low Potential, etc…

Why use it?
1. It’s a simple way to assess any population of leaders on two important dimensions
2. It’s a great way to facilitate a dialog amongst a senior leadership team. Teams use it to calibrate their expectations and ratings
3. With a good open debate, the multiple perspectives provide for a much more accurate assessment (vs. one person’s opinion)
4. The process can facilitate a shared sense of ownership for the organizations talent pool
5. It’s a great way to identify development needs and transition to development planning

How to use it
The tool is best if used by a team and facilitated by someone who has experience with the process. This could be an HR person, OD consultant, or someone responsible for leadership development or succession planning. You should present the tool and process to the team to make sure they all understand and buy in to the purpose and process. Don’t underestimate the amount of anxiety if a team has never done anything like this before (a ranking exercise). It’s best to decide ahead of time how performance will be assessed (use a leadership competency model if you have one) and how potential will be assessed (again, best to decide ahead of time – I use specific potential criteria). You could also ask for any other relevant information, such as years in current position, diversity status, retention risk, or relocatability. I usually have each manager plot their direct report managers (one level at a time, so we’re comparing apples to apples) and send their completed grid to me. I then consolidate all of the names on to one grid. Either as part of a multi-day off-site meeting or a standalone four hour meeting bring copies of the consolidated grid and start the discussion.

It’s easier picking someone in the 1A box (highest performance and potential) where you think there may be little disagreement. Ask the sponsor manager to explain the rationale for the assessment. Ask lot’s of why’s, then invite all others to comment. Don’t rush it, the benefit of this process is in the discussion. After all have been heard from, if there is agreement, then you have a benchmark for all others to compare against. If disagreement in perception, ask the sponsor manager if they want to change their mind based on the feedback – usually they do – but if not, leave it. Pick another name until you establish the benchmark. You can then discuss rest of the names in the 1A box, then move to the bordering boxes (1B and 2A). Then move to the 3C box, and again, facilitate a dialog to establish another benchmark. Continue the discussion for each person, or as many as time permits. If time, or most likely at a follow-up meeting, the team can then discuss development plans for each leader. For succession planning, the focus should be on the upper right hand corner boxes (1A, 1B, and 2A) – this is your high potential pool.

Next Steps
Follow-up on a quarterly basis to monitor development plans. Repeat the assessment process at least once a year.

Source : HRM Today

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Ref. : Xyz/abc/f- / 2008-09


Subject: Temporary Termination Letter

Dear First Name,

Reference your confirmation, we regret to inform you that based on the ground of your medical reports, the management has decided to discontinue your employment with this organisation on temporary basis due the concern of health and safety of other staff members which may be arises from your serious illness. The aforesaid termination shall come into effect from _______ 2009.

You will be allowed to join your work after the six months i.e. _________ (subject to the recommendation of medical practitioner).

You are requested to carry your medical certificates at the time of resuming your work after the noted period. All other terms and conditions of your employment remain unchanged.

We hope that you will understand the position of the management positively and look forward for your kind cooperation in the matter please.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,
For ____________ Ltd.

Authorized Signatory
(Name & Designation)

C.c to 1) Plant Head / Director
2) Personal file
3) Account Deptt.
4) Statutory Deptt.
5) Other concerned file, if any
[Your company name]
[Your company address:
City, State, Zip]

City, State, Zip]
Dear _________,
This letter is to notify you that have canceled the job offer for the position of __________ as of today due to _____________________. We were impressed by your skills and accomplishments, but our offer was contingent upon ____________________ and we've found out _____________________.
We regret having to take this action, and wish you the best luck in your job search in the future.
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