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Hi Sri Jayakumar,
This is a good suggestion. Thanks for the same.
I have helped quite a few people get placed in the past. But since it is in our profession, we do not keep track of such things. I am sure there are others too on this site who helped each other, not just freshers, but also experienced members get placed.
Important thing to remember is that we need to maintain this forum in the utmost professional way and ensure we share our knowledge by following the highest of professional ethics, like not copy pasting contents, being polite with fellow members, debating rather than arguing, etc.
Replied to "Salary structure." in Forms!!
Hi Manjula,
Welcome to HRLINK. Rest assured, it is a very good and professional forum.
Coming to your query:
For us to arrive at the take home salary, we would need to know how much percent of Basic we are considering from the Gross. Based on the Basic Pay percentage, rest of the heads would be computed. For example, PF would be 12% of basic pay as Employee contribution and 12% employer contribution, etc.

Excellent take Diana. Your elaborate response has covered almost all the scenarios that we face as HR when dealing with a candidate with breaks in employment.
As ever, your response was to the point and lengthy :) Not complaining, just to reiterate that we love your eye for detail.
Cheers buddy.
Welcome back Diana. Good to see you back. Hopefully we would have some insightful discussions again.
Dear Indira,
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing here.
My take: This could be a very tricky situation, wherein you do want to lose a good prospective employee at the same time you would not want to make a mistake of hiring someone whose BGV has shades of negative. I have followed the link pasted here by you and in that scenario, I feel we should take the employee because a lot of employees break bonds. To me personally, a bond does not make sense. Because you cannot bind someone to work with you for a period of time. Not the right HR tactic to retain. You might have the employee in your company, but there can be measurable way to say the same about his engagement levels. Moreover, he has broken the bond 7 years back. He has added skills and expertise over the last 7 years for which reason you interviewed him in the first place. So why not just go ahead and hire him ?
Having said that, I would still tread cautiously and check the last 3 months payslips of the previous company as well, before making a formal offer of employment.
Warm regards,
Dear RK,
Thanks for taking the Survey.
You are quite right about employees not being knowledgeable about Personal Finance. Typically companies employ CFOs for unbiased and knowledgeable guidance regarding their finances at a very huge salary. Such kind of quality advice is out of reach of the middle class. The idea behind the launch of our product Arthos has been to enable individual employees to be on top of their Personal Finances. In short this is a free platform to individuals and have their own CFO. The link to the free to use product is https://arthos.arthayantra.com/
Every individual can sign up for free and get a tab on their personal finance health. Only condition is before signing up, you would need to have all your income/expense/investment documents handy. Since each input would affect the overall Plan. Best thing is you can also set your Financial Goals and check if they are viable or not.
The answer to your question does Artha Yantra provide Personal Finance Solutions to corporates is YES. We have an engagement model where we sign up with a company to provide this service to their employees, where the employee not only gets unbiased and quality personal finance advice but also a Virtual Relationship Manager to address their queries. We can also provide an in-house desk if the company needs based on the volume.
We can definitely look for a discounted pricing or coupons options for HR Link members. All they would need to do would be to address an email to me with a request on harish.navuluru@arthayantra.com with a link to their hrlink profile, so that I know it is from hrlink.
Dear Nimali,
I know this is kind of late to reply to your query considering its been quite long that it was posted.
Break in career is a common to many candidates. Neil has given a very beautiful explanation for the possible reasons a candidate might have and others have covered quite a lot of ground. I can only speak for myself since I also have a break in my career, a long one at that. Breaks can be due to personal or professional reasons. It is advisable for the HR to probe as much as legally possible to ascertain the exact cause for the break/s.
This is very necessary from the employer's stand point because it reflects the behavioral aspects of the candidate which can reflect the potential flight risk. You would not want to hire someone because he/she cannot take pressure and keeps jumping jobs and has breaks in career as a result. You might want to rather hire someone who is measured and can withstand pressure.
But there are genuine reasons for breaks in a candidate's resume which should not impact his hire-ability quotient. In such instances, it is advisable to give credit only to merit and not just a routine rejection syndrome called cv-reject just because of gaps. Unless we sit across the table and drill down to the exact reasons for the gaps, we might probably miss a good talent.
Open to discuss.
Hi Sree,
I am back on hrlink and guess Diana is back too.
A very good post Sree. Thanks for sharing.
Employee Relationship Management is the key function of any HR professional. The ppt is very useful.

warm regards,
Replied to "Happy Birthday Harish!" in Birthday Wishes!!
Hi Raja, thanks for the wishes.

Regards, Harish
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