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Hi Varsha,

There were similar topics posted on hrlink might want to search the forums...

Here are few that could help you out :

However, keep in mind, salary structure, bonus and other comp and ben breakups would vary from company to company. Hence, if you do not have a policy in place yet, you can study, take suggestions from other HRs and make a policy that would suit your firm the best.

All the best...

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Thanks alot Sri ! :)
Wish I had seen this post earlier...

Thank you everyone for your kind words ! :)

Though I saw these messages after a long delay! but would like to thank and appreciate your thoughts and wishes :)

Thanks Harish !
Am glad to be back ! :)

Also, what I noticed was there are many topics that have been posted, but only to "promote" a training/software/meeting... ofcourse HR related :)

However, probably we should have a separate section for such posts. This would help us to find the topics that are debatable much easier.

I came across some interesting headings, but when I checked on them, they were just promoting an institute or training program.

Dear Admin, please help us clean up the forums :)

Dear HR Link member,

Yes, the power rates have increased in the recent past!

But am not sure the solution to this would be laying off employees. That would surely affect your productivity.

Anyways, your question is very case specific and depends on the type of industry you are in, if you have shift systems, what kind of computers you use...etc

For most IT companies, the challenge would be with the computers, heating/cooling systems and the internal office lighting.

But, am sure, there are many ways to help control the usage by simple methods, like checking on the A/C usage, switching off the unwanted lights, using energy-saving lights instead, switching off the monitors when not in use..... in case you use macro computers at your office, probably you can check with your Tech team to try and help reduce the heat generated by them, this would in turn help you with the A/C.

Technology and Admin team would be a great asset & guidance to help you in this cause.

As HR, we should be clear about the methods that we are suggesting and their implications, only then you can share this with your employees and expect them to understand and followup.

Once again, am not very clear how and why lay-offs could help in this situation?

hope others can throw some light on this.

I recall, that I used to feel "home-sick", the day I did not login into HR-link !

I have logged in after a long long time......& I am glad that am back! :)

This is the place that I had found some amazing professionals, who turned into very good friends....

my humble suggestions:
- To use the "Share" option for the useful topics that we read/reply with other members
- As Harish mentioned to report the spam that sometimes pollutes this forum.
- Share real time & first hand experience, questions and doubts, instead of copy-pasting from other sites/forums.

Let us make HR-Link, a place where every HR would love to join! :)


Dear Indira,

As an HR, when we see a good potential in a candidate, we should grab it and make sure that we are providing all the requirements for him/her to grow into a bright employee in our organisation.

There could be many reasons, when an employee does not get any relieving documents from the ex-employer, but that should not be the only reason to avoid or reject his/her profile. Nowadays there are plenty of ways to find out his/her past through verification, before concluding on the employment prospects.

But yes, its easier to rely on a candidate who has not broken bridges with his/her ex-employers & has completed the end hire formalities properly. This would give an assurance that you can count on his/her services, dedication & work ethics at your organisation as well.

Dear Nimali,

Its an interesting topic..

I could not agree more with all the above comments...
An HR can not reject a profile, only based on the gaps in the candidate's career. As everyone mentioned, to come to a conclusion & judge the potential of your prospective candidate, the reasons should be asked/probed by the HR & explained clearly by the candidate.

There could also be other reasons, such as:
-To pursue higher education
-Health reasons (Personal / family members)
-Marriage (Mostly it happens for women, who need to stop working)
-Maternity breaks / family responsibilities
-Lay offs / recession
-Underpaid or not at all paid, due to the financial situation of the company
-Lack of growth and opportunities
-Last but not the least, and I can say, the most often reason for frequent breaks would be to get a higher pay.

Unfortunately, there are some who treat companies, jobs and opportunities as a "bargain" & keep hopping from time to time, to demand higher pay. I should also add, that unknowingly, we as HR, also encourage this, by recruiting such candidates and giving-in to their demands. A small step from our side, would be to find out the exact reason with patience, ask for thorough details, before summing up for the proposed salary. Questions like: when was your last hike? what are the proofs for the latest salary? (Pay slips, bank statement, letter from the HR..though these can be forged too :P )

Often, those who are aiming mainly & only for the hike in their salary, would either put down their papers just before their appraisal, to have a higher figure to demand from their current employer (Or) put down their papers right after the appraisal is done, to get into the new company with a hike on their very recent increment. Sad but true!

Not to forget another amazing part of the story, that this "hopping" often creates an imbalance in the existing pool of employees as well. An employee who is working with the same company for the past 5 years, would be paid less, when compared to a person who has hopped 3 companies in the last 5 years!! (90% of times this is a fact!)

Hope, we as HR, could be more vigilant about the credentials of the candidates and make sure we are doing our part to maintain an healthy & fair environment for our hardworking & loyal employees.

P.S. Saw this post very late..hope it was not too late to reply :)
Hi Anup,

Happy New Year!!!

Good topic...I remember this topic being shared in different forums & topics...after all, one of the integral part of HR is to read & understand one's attitude...since no one needs a work place with behavioural issues...

Here is a topic which could help you out...

Hope it helps :)

All the best,
Here comes the time to celebrate the birth of the man who build this site, helped in getting it better & better day after day, which helped careers to be build, helped finding jobs for the job seekers, paltform for the freshers to learn & a place for seniors to share their experiences...a place to drop in your doubts & questions & be sure to get an answer...a place for suggestions, debates, finding out solutions sharing knowledge, any topic under the sky!!! a place to build contacts, professional & personal...& the most special feature is being a place for friendships to happen, bonds to be made, even across the to wish & share your happiness on special occasions like this...

Here is wishing you bright days ahead, with more Love, more Peace, more Joy & more Friends who cherish you for what you are!

Thank you for your patience, hardwork, dedication in making it a better site...
Thank you for having an ear for everyone's suggestions, complaints, critics...
Thank you for all the initiatives you allowed HRLink to take, to reach out for those who need help & for making a better society...

Last but not the least, thank you for bringing us together, to find so many good beings around the world...& bond with them! :)

Happy Birthday!!! :)
May God bless you more & the years He has in store...

Sorry for being late to reply on this topic ;)


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Hi Sumayya,
Happy New Year !

Thanks for sharing this article...

However, it would be great if you could share the main source of it too...I could find out many sites having the same topic shared, out of which, may be these two could be mentioned as sources:

Lets not forget to give credit to the original posts/topics.

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