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Replied to "The Window Through Which We Look" in Motivation!!
Hi Meenakshi,

This is very true and yes , i do agree that it depends on the vision and the thoughts what we think and convey to others...
Replied to "Stupid Q with smart answer" in Humor!!
Thanks for sharing .......Its really funny
Hi Reshma,

He will get the gratuity till his service that is upto the age of 58 yrs.but after that if he is continuing with his service with company than in that case it is not compulsory to give gratuity that management will decided on it.

Hope this will help you.

Replied to "Happy Birthday Shiny Susan!!!!!" in Birthday Wishes!!
Hi Shyni,

Many happy returns of the Day..

May god bless you.
Replied to "Errors in Classifieds " in Humor!!
Toooooooooo Funny Meenakshi..:)

Replied to "100 Quotes From "The Secret"" in Motivation!!

I am fully agree with this quotes.I belive in the Universe and The Secret .
I had already tried doing this and it really works....

So keep doing and be Happy :)
Replied to "Adam and God" in Humor!!
Hi Rohit,

Its too Funny... :)

Keep posting
My name is Dharni

D: makes people laugh
H: easy to fall in love with
A: hot
R: class bunker
N: caring
I: loves to laugh and smile

Good one .... :)
Replied to "A-Z Of Motivation" in Motivation!!
Its amazing.....thanks for sharing
Funny !!!

Keep posting...
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