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Hi Harish,
I missed your post until today but I am glad you've decided to try to revive this site.
I have tried this myself several times and asked some of my friends from HRLink to help me by being present/active here. I am not an HR professional and therefore it is difficult for me to initiate this, but there are many good professionals who can do it by posting on HR Forums, giving their opinions, their insights, helping others, increasing the quality of the posts and reporting spam/advertizing campaigns.
I am thinking that you: Harish, Dee, Sri Manjari, RK, Sudarshan, Vinod, Pradeep, Nimali etc...can make this become again the site we all remember and respect so much.
I understand your frustration regarding the need for active members on HRLink and the need for dialogue, for sharing information, opinions.

What did HRLink mean to me?
Years ago, when I found this site thanks to a dear friend and a respectable member of this site, HRLink made me encounter a world outside my profession, but a world I always dreamed of being part of.
I am not a HR professional but I have strong affinities with this field.
I learned so many information on this site, exchanged opinions, debated on interesting topics...and made friends for a lifetime.
It opened my horizon on personal and professional level.
I found myself on this site. It satisfied my need for intellectual conversations, for knowledge. I enjoyed being part of a special community, challenging my mind every time I read a new topic or was asked for an opinion.
It made me feel part of a special world: HR world. It also made me keen on wanting to meet these people who have become my friends, in person.
I've been to India twice since then and I will come again for sure.
I was fortunate enough to meet the people behind this interface, the people working for this site and enabling us to be all here on this platform and benefit from it. An amazing team of dedicate people! A wonderful place to be!

I felt sorry when some of my closest friends and real professionals, members of HRLink stopped being as active as before on this site. For some time I struggled to make them come back here...but in the end I respected their priorities.

It's up to us, all HRLink members, to make this site active, challenging. It's in our power to do it, to exchange valuable information, to give feedback to the topics we find worthy of our time, to share knowledge.
Replied to "Body Language" in General Awareness!!
Useful ppt for everybody interested in learning about non-verbal communication. Maybe we all know how to interpret these gestures, postures, but there are times we forget to give them the right importance in "reading" a person's attitude or opinion.
Replied to "Top Five Regrets" in Motivation!!
Thank you Uma. This topic pointed out what I was feeling for some time and I've just opened up my heart here.
Replied to "New to this site" in Introduce Yourself!!
Hi Bhavani,

Welcome to HRLink community. Hope you'll find the experience of being here rewarding and will become an active member of this site.

In order to post a job description on this site, you go to "HR Forum" tab, "Start New Topic" and then you'll be asked to "Select Forum". You choose the "Job descriptions" one, in same way you did to introduce yourself in "Introductions" forum.

Good luck and never hesitate to ask for help.
I decided to be back to this topic every year, reminding us all about TB and it s threat to our societies.
For some countries, as we have mentioned before, tuberculosis might be part of their past and they might learn in schools about a disease that once killed many people.
Unfortunately, for countries like ours, TB is still a threat, a major concerned, especially with the new resistance some Koch bacillus developed for the usually anti TB drugs.
The multidrug resistant TB (MDRTB) increases in number of cases each year.
It's main cause is the incomplete treatment for TB, stopped prematurely because of ignorance, once the person feels better and has no symptoms which doesn't not mean he/she is cured yet... Many patients refuse to continue the treatment once they feel like before or stop it because of the side effects, not understanding they are not cured yet. They jeopardize their future because the disease will need 12 months to be treated and with new drugs, sometimes less efficient or with more side effects. In many cases the new treatment will fail and the prognosis might be somber.

Another cause for the developing of MDRTB is the abuse of antibiotics in any simple cold, in flu, where antibiotics don't have any effect and mostly, the use of anti-TB antibiotics in other diseases.

Poverty, high population density, lack of sanitation, tolerating the debut symptoms of TB and becoming a source of infection walking, working, living among health people because we don't know the symptoms or we ignore the importance of the treatment are the main reasons for the important number of TB cases existent today.

There is a plan, a strategy of reducing TB and eradicating it. It is not easy, it needs time, funds and it needs increasing awareness. Let me assure you this plan goes beyond theory and gets implemented each day. Let's us do our share of it, getting informed about the disease, accepting and following the right steps in order to prevent and treat it.

The increased number of TB cases can have a positive side: the increasing number of diagnosed cases, unlike before, when many patients with TB did not have access to medical care and were not treated. Let's consider this a chance to cure more, to have less sources of infection and to give our children to grow up in a society where TB will be a "story" about the past.

Replied to "Top Five Regrets" in Motivation!!
I am a doctor…so I am supposed to be used to seeing people suffering, to hearing them regretting wasting their time or life in fighting useless battles for selfish reasons.
Getting used to see the sufferance? Can anyone get used to this? Unfortunately yes. I know I can’t. I can’t walk away and smile in the next second, just because I have seen too many people being sick, in pain and that made me cold and careless.
However this last week was different even for me. I have spent it watching a sick relative, trying to take the right decisions and help her as much as I could.
I have watched her being moved to intensive care, a place where many lose hope of getting back home, of having their loved ones back, in a place where everywhere you turn your head you see pain, candles, tears, you hear whispered prayers, see doctors and nurses with empty looks and immobile faces…
I have watched one of the people who loved life and smiled in front of difficulties. I watched her being hopeless, on her last days with us.
She passed away yesterday…I went to light a candle and say a prayer for her today and I thought about life.
I thought about life exactly in the way this article was written. I wondered why people realize what they lose only when it’s too late. I asked myself why we all know how we’re supposed to live and still don’t do it?
Why do we keep hiding so often how we really are, feel? Why do we hide behind social conveniences, old habits, other people expectations and sit there idle, instead of standing up, sure of what we want and proud of who we are?
What are we taking with us in the end? Careers, money, glory, pride, ego? None of these… We will be defined by the ways we touched other people’s lives and we’d better be remembered how we really were and not how we pretended to be.

Let’s keep our feelings alive. Let’s define what we need and what makes us happy. Let’s not deny our happiness and forget our dreams, even if they might seem impossible or weird to others. It’s like the difference between living in light and hiding in the dark. Let’s be ourselves and not get confused, borrowing other people dreams and expectations.
In the end, we might have time to think of all these and regret missing the most important things. We might miss real care, we might miss love, we might feel sorry we spent so much time for others and not with the ones we love, we might feel we failed in understanding life in its essence.
Replied to "self-introduction" in Introduce Yourself!!
Hi Ashish,
Hoping that you intend to be an active member of this community, I would suggest you to browse through some of the topics that interest you, look at some of our active professionals' profiles and feel free to add them so you can learn from them, share knowledge and opinions.
Welcome to HRLink and good luck in building a career in the HR field.
Replied to "Share your mail id" in Best HR Practices!!
Hi Anil,
I would kindly request you not to give or ask for personal information on an open forum.
It would be much better to ask them to ping you privately to exchange these information.
Replied to "Happy Birthday Claudia!" in Birthday Wishes!!
Thank you Hema.
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