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Replied to "ONE - LINERS ::):):):):):):)" in Humor!!
Loved it....


Asha Kanta Sharma

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Asha Kanta
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Asha Kanta Sharma is a Spiritually Awakened Human Energy on the Earth who is on the Path of Spiritual Awakening. He loves to Inspire People to reach their full potential. He is a Motivator, LifeCoach, &Author.

Ignorance is the root of all the sufferings in the world. His loves toremove the IGNORANCE from the world so that human beings can connect with the higherpurpose in their life.

He remembers childhood experiences in nature, playing in fields, noticing the wind blowing in the trees, moments that he considers highly spiritual.Primed by years of contemplating the meaning and purpose of life, he began visiting various Spiritual Places since many years in search of a "spiritual home." He likes its emphasis on personal growth and interfaith dialogue. He has spent his life reading different things to finally get to the point where he feels he has found a spiritual practice.

He has lived with people from all walks of life. He was distracted by the "material lifestyle" he was enjoying. But in his mind he was always searching, constantly looking for more than the material way of living.

He had been living a fast life without any reverence, and that realization led him on a concerted spiritual quest. He read the holy books of all the world's religions. He arrived at a conclusion that "All these different Scriptures have the same message. We need to let go of the fear of death and resign ourselves. Don't fear and don't worry."

Spirituality, he said, "is a discipline that helps bring back a balance in the mind and a control of the mind. The suffering lifts; the fog disappears. And we can enjoy and appreciate the beauty and magic of creation. It makes you powerful."

Hehas visited to manynatural & spiritual places to find a higher spiritual energy and awareness. He had studied many philosophical books in life and that opened up his mind. He was a truth seeker. He really wanted the bottom line of everything.

Looking forward to connect with like-minded spiritual people on this Earth who are in the process of greatest spiritual awakening and Enlightenment.

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