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Thanks for the interest shown on the discussion.

You are right if the things are taken for a smaller organisation. I do consider your views ans accept it as a right choice. But If we move to organisations where we have large no of employees and there is a need for a technology change, say a machinery of 1970's changed with a advance Sacada system, it would be difficult to educate an existing employee. Or in your words say a Java professional to be trained on niche skills like Vitria or blaze is a tough task, instead go for a specialist or a experienced professional on the same.

In india, the recommendation culture of politicians are much there, which is unavoidable. Its for the organisation's benifit for various work to be done at various government offices. This is a vice versa process needs.

Correct me if i am wrong


Aravind Kumar
Replied to "Hare & Tortoise" in Motivation!!
Dear Friend,

This topic has already been posted by me on 17.04.2009.

This message is not to take ownership but is to keep you posted.


Aravind Kumar
Thank You Claudia for understanding my concern and giving me a best reply from your end.

Just think of the leader board with HR link. Can you just say how many leaders are participating for the posts given by anyone.

Its HRLink to link people for encouragement, queries, understandings, contacts and all.

Say how do i know Claudia and how am i related to. Its just the link has provided me and you to be here as friends, knowledge sharers, and to have a mutual understanding.

Its fine. I was my thought. I just wanted more people to participate so that an individual who takes an effort to post or to share some article can get certain encouragement and values for his work.


Aravind Kumar
Dear friends,

Hope nobody in HRlink is interested to reply back to my statements???

Sorry to disturb you all by trying to change your mindsets.


Aravind Kumar
Dear Harish and my dear friends,

Its good to raise a topic and get replies top that. But how many of the HRlink are ready to share the share their views and make it more successful. Only 1 out of 10000. Is this the networking HRlink has built up. I have seen the members response for most of the post. Harish, Harsh, Claudia, Diana, RK, Pradeep(AGM HR), Praveen, Pradeep, Priya, jijiya, rajesh, and few more by name.

Is this the strength HRlink has. I know people are quite busy doing their work. It doesn't mean that people who respond here don't have work and waste their time for HRlink.

Now my concern is what can be done to make people participate more. Once people start participating more, you will surely have lot of pings to individuals and then u can be more concerned about he pings. I dont hope so this is the right time to discuss this topic.

Please ignore if i am harsh. I am really hurt by seeing the response to my topic "Is participation important in hrlink to gain more points than postings??????". I had clearly replied when people were more concerned about the points saying "My most concern is participation of members rather than points and hope nobody has understood it properly." But still there is no response from anybody in HRlink.


Aravind Kumar

Yes. I do gothru all the postings of mine and then only if i feel it will be useful to others i post it.


Aravind Kumar
My most concern is participation of members rather than points and hope nobody has understood it properly.


Aravind Kumar
Hi friends,

I just wanted to share my feel on Networking sites like this one. I joined HRlink say 8 months before and say since then, might be rare occasion i would have not logged in to HRlink. I was helped by RK since the start. Whatever queries i had was cleared by RK within no time and moreover no other websites has this facility of clearing doubts and suggestion so faster. Today you are here on this site to read what i have written in this blog. This is networking and sharing of ideas. If you are liking my views u may surely ping me every time and would try be in touch for various reasons.

May be i am late with my views but hope is up to the mark.


Aravind Kumar
Hi RK,

I don't have any concern for points, but people who are concerned about the points have only posted the topics but have never participated for the post. I would like ask the HRlink moderators to take some action for the participation of the members.


Aravind Kumar
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